Expressions of Love

Simply watch:


Crazy. Stupid. Love.

Yes I watched that movie for the first time. 
While it was an ok movie, it gave me a lot to think about.

Love is crazy. You have to be crazy to be in love. It's hard to give your heart to someone knowing that they could break it. If you find someone who makes you crazy (in a good way) then go for it, because love it crazy.

Love is stupid. You do stupid things when you're in love. You know when you're with that person and you're trying to tell a story or explain something, but your words just stumble out of your mouth and you look stupid. If that person just smiles then go for it, because love is stupid. 

You fight for your soulmate. 

Girls: Be with that guy who runs after you as you're walking away because you just got into a fight.
Guys: Show that girl that you'd stand up for her in any situation.

When you find the one you never stop fighting for them.

Girls: Be with that guy who will stop in the middle of a mack session, look deep into your eyes and tells  you that you're beautiful ... and you know he means it.
Guys: Be with that girl who laughs at all your jokes ... every single one ... even the lame ones.

Girls: Be with that guy who will put on his flip flops and walk you out to your car, or up to your doorstep every single time.
Guys: Even if we can't cook know that us just trying means that we care about you so much that we're willing to try.

Girls: Be with that guy who will stay up into the early hours of the morning, just laying next to you talking about anything and everything.
Guys: Be with the girl who will spend an hour curling her hair, just so she knows you'll be proud to have her on your arm.

Girls: Be with the guy who will do 2 reps of weights for himself, then one more for you.
Guys: Be with the girl who texts just to say "I love you"

Girls: Be with the guy who listens to your ideas and opinions. The one who doesn't cut you down for any reason, the one who actually listens and pays attention. The one who will go to that dance show with you and act interested (even though you know he's not) and show that he's happy being there with you. 
Guys: Be with the girl who doesn't nag you about everything.

Girls: Be with the man who is exciting and who takes you out to fun, new adventures.
Guys: Be with the girl who will watch baseball with you, and understand what's going on.

Girls: Be with the man who makes you feel beautiful and challenges you to be better.
Guys: Be with the girl who makes you want to be a better person and who makes you feel special.


23 Reasons

Dedicated readers. I stumbled upon this article the other day, and it seems I'm on a bit of a romantic kick lately. I read it and thought it was beautiful. Let's be honest - this guy knows what's up.

This list of 23 reasons I will always be faithful to Mary Beth comes from my heart to hers.. I hope you find some value in these for your own relationship, too:
  1. She is my best friend. I would rather hang out with her than any one else I know. Our Saturday’s of running errands or taking a few moments to talk over coffee at Starbucks, is some of the moments I cherish the most.
  2. She shows me I’m worthy to be loved. I don’t feel like I’m second choice in her life.
  3. She takes me out of my comfort zone. Mary Beth challenges me and she doesn’t let me take the easy, or safe way out of a situation. She reminds me that to keep growing as a person, I must continue to face my fears and insecurities.
  4. She is a terrific mother and parent. My wife is very connected with each of our four children. They all feel loved by her and each one knows they can go to her for help or guidance without fear or shame getting in the way.
  5. She gives me all the time I need to work on this blog. Never a pouty reaction – just unconditional support.
  6. She takes care of those who are hurting the most. Mary Beth recently earned her MSW degree at The University of Kansas. She is devoting the next phase of her professional career to helping those who are in emotional pain and have suffered significant trauma. She wants the rest of her patients’ lives to turn out a differently than how they started.
  7. She is the “handy-man” around the house. If it wasn’t for the special skills of my wife, I would spend a fortune paying plumbers and electricians to fix the things I don’t have a clue to repair; but Mary Beth does.
  8. She believes in me. No matter the circumstances or challenges, her belief in me never wavers. I can tell by looking into her eyes she truly believes I can do whatever I set-out to do.
  9. She has a forgiving heart. My wife doesn’t carry a grudge or harbor resentment for long periods of time. Once she has accepted my apology for something I have done, and has chosen to forgive me – she means it and she lives it.
  10. I still get excited when I get to see her for the first time of the day. During the week, I wake up very early and head to work before Mary Beth starts her day. Sometimes it can be as late as 9:00 p.m. before we see each for the first time. My stomach still tingles with excitement when I know I’m only a few minutes from seeing her.
  11. She tells me she loves several times throughout the day. Every phone call during the day ends with “I love you,” and the last thing I hear at night as I prepare to fall to sleep is my wife loves me.
  12. I respect her. Considering all she done for me, our family and the tremendous effort she places in making this world a better place for everybody else, I can’t imagine doing anything that would disrespect that commitment. I can’t imagine doing anything that would disrespect her.
  13. She watches baseball games with me. And she enjoys it; and she knows the players’ names; and she gets excited when the Kansas City Royals win!
  14. I miss her when we are apart for a few days. Time away from each other is healthy and beneficial; the homecoming is ever sweeter.
  15. She doesn’t mind listening to sports-talk radio in the car. I never get the raised eyebrow look that says, “You expect me to listen to that?”
  16. Sometimes she actually thinks I’m funny. She appreciates my sarcastic wit and my occasionally well-timed comebacks. No courtesy laughs here – she gets my sense of humor.
  17. She still likes to hold hands when we take our after-dinner walks. Our evening walks have always been a great source of connection for us. We use this time to discuss our days and to help each other process or solve problems. Holding hands while we walk makes this time that much more special.
  18. She is both unassuming and confident. Mary Beth seldom takes herself too seriously and at the same time she emits an incredible inner strength and self -confidence that people in her life are drawn to and find comfort in experiencing.
  19. Her “I want to be with you” look still makes me weak in the knees.
  20. She loves to cuddle. At the end of the day, when the day’s responsibilities are behind us, we grab a few moments to just be with each other as we chat and cuddle while watching something mindless on television. A few golden minutes to be sure.
  21. She never quits on herself, or on us. I’m often taken back by her strong will (and sometimes just plain stubbornness) to never give up. No matter the obstacles, or the pain, or the circumstances, she has the ability to reach down and find something more to help keep her moving forward.
  22. She looks beautiful in a camisole. They say love is blind, but my wife is beautiful in so many different ways. The camisoles she wears in summer don’t hurt either!
  23. I can’t imagine life without her. A life worth living is a life worth sharing. Sharing my life with Mary Beth provides so many blessings. My heart will always remain faithful to hers because it is constantly being filled with her love and grace. I have faith it will always be this way – no matter what.


Dear Future Husband ...

Dear Future Husband,

I believe in fairy tales. 
I believe in happily ever after
I believe in my prince charming (you) and the man of my dreams (you again!) 
I believe in finding a light at the end of the tunnel. 
I believe in kisses that can wake me from a deep sleep. 
I believe in you fighting for me. 
I believe in conquering your enemies.
 I believe in finding out who you really are. 
I believe in getting extremely lost in the woods.
 I believe in getting help from your friends. 
I believe in millions of sky lanterns dotting the sky. 
I believe in dancing and singing.

I believe we have a spectacular fairy tale. 
I believe that you're my knight in shining armor, and I'm your damsel in-not-so-much-distress. 
I believe that you can help me through anything. 
I believe that you can rely on me and be yourself. 
I believe we can conquer worlds together. Hand in hand. 
I believe that we can have a marriage more beautiful than our wedding. 
I believe that you're not perfect, and neither am I - but I believe we still love each other in all of our weaknesses.

I believe in waking up in the middle of the night to you stroking my hair. 
I believe in giving you butterfly kisses. 
I believe in raising a family together. 
I believe in you being my strength in my trials. 
I believe in supporting you when you're just too tired to deal with it all.

I believe in growing old together and still looking at each other with adoration.

I believe in you.
I believe in me.
I believe in us.

I believe we're going to be the most stunning Mr & Mrs this world has seen.

I love you future husband.


And they lived happily ever after.


Thus far

This describes my life thus far in 2012.

This is where I sit while reporting the games ... eh, eh?

Handsome BF just got job #2 at Texas Roadkill House (texas roadhouse). That means more work, less me. But it's fine because we'll make it work ... no worries.

 Elder Nickell is now in Taiwan! What a studly Elder. 

Yeah ... I'm fairly important.

Despite the lack of snowfall I've still been on the mountain. Where I was able to snap this gorgeous scenery. (nothing was photoshopped) 

Sushi anyone? Just killing my sushi craving with my beautiful girls.

"Enjoy the little things in life ... for one day you'll look back and realize they were big things."


This nightmare I esteem

In the first 2 days of classes I have come to realize that this semester will be ... for lack of a better word, Hellish
I'm working for the Daily Universe (but not getting paid) and it's about 15 hours a week. 
I'm writing for the BYU women's basketball team.
I write 4 articles a week, 2 previews and 2 recaps. 
Which means that I have to 1) go to their practices, 2) go to the games, 3) go to the press releases after the games, 4) stream the away games on my laptop, 5) pound out a quality article within 2 hours after the game.
If we did the math ... 2 hours a week for practices, 5 hours for the games (2 a week), 2 hours for the press releases, 2 hours for the actual article writing (this is the recap article), plus 4 hours for writing the preview articles = 15 hours a week.

But wait ... there's more. On top of that I'm "on call" everyday from 12-5 so if my editor wants me to go cover I story guess what? I GO.

On top of ALL of that. 
I work part time as an ME secretary.
I'm taking 11.5 credits (2 of the classes have got to be some of the toughest classes in my major)
I'm the 1st counselor in the Relief Society.
I have a boyfriend who I should give attention to.
I have to work out 5 x's a week or I will turn into a stress case.
I have family & friends I shouldn't neglect. 

Therefore, I don't know how ... but I will make it through this semester if it kills me.

There will be tears, many of them I'm sure.
Late ... I mean REALLY late nights.
Lots of headaches and sleep deprivation.
Several break downs.

But I know with all of the wonderful support I have, I can make it through.
"Just keep swimming"