Summer Goals

I plan on completing all of these goals and possibly adding more ...
Summer 2011 Goals
  • Win a goldfish at OremSummerFest (June 10-11)
  • Eat funnel cake in the Provo Freedom Days (July 1-4)
  • Kiss while fireworks are going (this one may be a tough one because I don't kiss random boys ... I may end up kissing Lili)
  • Play with sparklers
  • Hit up 7 Peaks and see how long I can float in the lazy river
  • Finish the Book of Mormon in Portugues
  • Learn how to dance
  • Bake through a Hershey's cookbook
  • Go camping
  • Longboard to the cemetery and visit Elise's grave
  • Re-learn "What I've Got" on the guitar (this past weekend I already started learning !!!)
  • Slow dance in the rain
  • Take Lili running
  • Learn how to blog (eh? eh?)
  • Keep an updated blog all summer long
  • Go biking in the canyon
  • Have a movie marathon (maybe a whole weekend without leaving the couch, only for food and the bathroom)
  • Re-organize my room
  • Find new music I ♥
  • Learn photography better
  • Learn Photoshop better
  • Go to a DJ Matt Hoffman dance party
  • Master the turntable on my iPhone
  • Beat one of Harry's high scores on his iPhone
  • Visit the beach
  • See Dredg in either Boise, or West Hollywood (yeah this is going to be a tough one...)
  • See HP #7 Part 1 (just because I haven't seen it yet)
  • Go to Harry's graduation (June 8th)
  • Bowl 3 strikes in a row
  • Stay up all night (until 6 am) doing .... anything
  • Get into a HUGE waterfight
  • Buy a new pair of TOMS
  • Give my Homecoming talk
  • Go to an amusement park outside of Utah (maybe possibly the same time as I see Dredg?!?!)
This is the list ... so far ... any help completing these would be HIGHLY appreciated. ^___^

Summer Dreamin'

Since I'm now home I've decided to learn how to blog. (Summer Goal #21) Yaaaaaaaaay!!!
You'll have to be patient with me because I am learning. I'll post my summer adventures here complete with random thoughts, musical discoveries, photos and what goals I've completed.

I was fortunate enough to spend the weekend with Matt H. and he showed me a remarkable opera his friend (Ryan H.) wrote and produced. I've spent the morning listening to the CD over and over again. (Deep Love Opera) I suppose I'll contribute to the cause and actually buy the CD instead of just listen to it on the site. I would just like to say that I am floored. The acoustics are great and how the "folk" genre is incorporated is stunning. I strongly suggest everyone go buy the CD and let your ears taste the delicious story that is portrayed.

Special thanks to Matt H. for introducing me to Deep Love.
"Your hand fits perfectly in mine ... and I barely pass as I find your lips pushed up against mine ... and I find I'm much more yours than mine ... if this how it feels to die ... than I will love you all my life..."