Dear Future Husband,

Dear Future Husband,
I love you. I do. I love you more than life.
I've spent some time thinking about my qualities and who I am and who I need to be to make sure you're happy to spend forever with me.

As you know I'm an average girl. Brown hair (not gorgeously highlighted ... simply brown), plain brown eyes, 5'10" (a little tall for girls I know), my two front teeth are slightly too large, my legs are a bit long, I have a soft stomach and not some sexy six pack, I'm an ok student who wants a Master's degree of some sort ...

... I get moody and can go from "bubbly and bright" to "sad eye'd" in an instant, I'm impatient, I'm not the A-typical Utah Valley-"perfect"-LDS-girl-who-makes-dinner-and-cupcakes-every night, I sleep longer than I should, I sometimes fight with my mom, I listen to music that may or may not have a few palavrãos, sometimes I get overwhelmed with who I am and who I want to be ...

... But ....

... I'm passionate and persistent, I always put my very best effort in, I never procrastinate, I will not judge people because I've been there and know how hard it is, I am always smiling (even when I'm in pain), I work hard, I sing my heart out in the shower and car (when I'm alone or with you), I fight for what I know is right, I will always believe in this: LDS and will never deny it, I will strive everyday to be the most superb wife and mother, I empathize with others, (I know big words like empathize!), I truly and wholeheartedly believe in Happily Ever After, I laugh, my dreams and ideas are my goals, I support you in all your endeavors and wishes, you're the # one man in my life and I will always treat you like such.

So even though society tells me I'm not good enough for you because I don't look like this:

This is me:
and you love me, and I love you ... that's why we will have our ...

Happily Ever After


Reflections of Christ




Starry Eyed on meds

First off I am so sorry for the lack of blog-age. I've been down since surgery with a fever, infection and all together grossness. But I am back and will keep blogging for my small but loyal blog followers. ^___^

Surgery pixxxxxx: Yaaay or Gross?

When I woke up
 Awesome new knee

 Pain killers make me smiiiiiiiiiiiile.

Also I am just falling ever so in love with Dubstep everyday. I never get bored and I always seem to find some new filthy or chill song I love. 
For the full effect listen with your bass turned all the way up!

Dubstep is never disappointing to my ears.

Are these my pain killers talking?
I was thinking about how everyone is looking for "The One." 
I have a list of 10 Must Have's and 10 Can't Stand's (for the list txt me), however I've been thinking, "Hailey are you being too picky?" Where do you draw the line at where "The One" MUST have this thing or where you can give a little? 
For example: I really don't like it when guys swear. But lets say that someone's working on it and he slips every once in a while. Where does it become a deal breaker? Where does it become me settling? Also what about those people that are just fun for a NCMO but then you find yourself falling for them? Then it's too little too late because you already put out and they're not thinking of anything else but fun. What if you really want to fall-in-like with someone, but just can't? Do you feel guilty for not falling head over heels or do you just swallow the fact you spent X amount of time on someone you never had real feelings for?
"I'm the hero of the story.
Don't need to be saved."



Creative Juices

This week was a creative project week.
I made pillow cases for our old, raggedy couch pillows! They turned out pretty good considering I didn't have a pattern of any sort and just went for it.

 I made these flowers out of felt but layering heart shaped petals together.



But wait ... there's more! I took these photos over a year ago. I just found them on my computer and really want to do something with them. Any suggestions? Comment/text/message me. These are raw photos, no Photoshop or touching up at all.


Wartime Art

I wandered into the MOA (Museum of Art) at BYU the other day. I was pleasantly surprised by their wartime art campaign. I took as many pictures as possible until a particular security man threatened to compensate my neon blue covered iPhone.

I wish I had more photos, but sadly I don't. Instead you should just visit the MOA and see for yourself!


Just Smile, Laugh and Love

I wanted to bring a smile to everyone's faces today. I hope there is at least one thing here that makes you smile, laugh and love.
Click here to play this song as you are looking through these (open in a new tab so you can continue reading here): Music


 ♥ Hailey