Good morning readers! It's a bright wonderful day of Thanksgiving.
What a fabulous holiday where we get to relax, be lazy and eat until our jeans don't fit!

Before we all go off and eat double our weight in mashed potatoes I would like to share a few things that I'm thankful for this 2011 year:

* My fantastic family
* My little brother serving a mission
* My handsome Chad
* My job with the ME's
* That I'm getting an education at BYU
* My health
* My body that works well and doesn't have any severe problems
* The gospel
* My crazy friends
* My talents that I need to develop more
* Every opportunity that knocks at my door
* Laughing
* Snowboarding
* iPhone
* Flannel PJ pants from Old Navy
* People who go to school for 8 years to become doctors and surgeons who can cut into my knee and make it work better
* Bubble gum pink nail polish
* Chocolate covered cinnamon bears
* The ability to think for myself
* The fact that I'm an independent outspoken young lady
* Smiles
* The prophet Thomas S. Monson
* Lili
* Kissing
* Hugs
* Peanut butter, chocolate chip cookies
* Magazines
* Super thick mascara
* Dubstep
* The "never-ending list"

My list would continue into the eternities ... but I am so thankful for all the wonderful things in my life, and for lack of a better word the blessings I enjoy. 
Happy Thanksgiving!


Dear Future Husband ...

Dear Future Husband,

It's time for the holidays. I mean the important holidays ... Thanksgiving and Christmas!
I love the feeling and atmosphere that inevitably comes with the holidays.
I love Thanksgiving. I love the food that is so well prepared.
As you know my favorite Thanksgiving food are the yams with marshmallows on top. I love that when we make our first Thanksgiving dinner together you'll make sure the marshmallows are toasted just right.

I'm thankful for you future husband.
I'm thankful for your kindness towards me. I'm thankful for the patience you have with my short comings, and how you still love me despite my follies.
I'm thankful for your testimony. I'm thankful that I know at the end of the day you rely on the Lord and we can turn to Him together.

I'm thankful for how fun loving you are. I'm thankful that we have fun together and laugh. I'm thankful that we can be silly and you still give me that look of pure adoration and love.
I'm thankful that you have "that look". The one you give me when we cuddle, or when you really feel love for me.
I love you future husband and I'm incredibly grateful to someday have you in my life forever.

With a thankful loving heart:



Yes I've returned from the short, sweet trip to Colorado with Chad.

Meet the parents ... check
Go to friend's sealing ... check
Run errands ... check
See Chad excited about his hometown ... check
Go to reception ... check
Meet all the friends ... check
Be the cutest couple at the wedding ... check
Wake up at 2:50am ... check
Drive in a snow storm ... check
Almost freeze to death in a Wyoming gas station ... check
Get ice cream at 10am ... check
Save a life ... check
Trot in yellow kitten heels in 4 inches of snow ... check
Laugh ... check
Get home safely ... check
Have an amazing trip with an amazing man ... check


I am SO in LOVE ...

... with this coat: 

I MUST have it for this winter


Boyfriend is something spectacular.

Can we take a bad photo together? The answer is "no."
This weekend we're driving to Colorado for his friend's wedding.
In conjunction with this I'll be meeting his *gulp* parents and youngest sister Beth. 
Nervous? My tummy aches every time I think about it.
But I'm just going to be my fun-loving-self and hope they "approve" of me. 

His smile melts me. 


Boy, guy, man.

There's this boy ... guy ... errr man ... guy.
This guy is pretty freaking, superbly, awesomely, incredibly fantastic.
He's every girl's dream physically - tall (6'1"), dark (as in his hair is black), and handsome (smoldering in fact.) 
He graduates from BYU in 6 short weeks and will be going on to med school next fall to be a surgeon.
He's charming, tender, witty, caring, a gentleman, thrill seeking, charismatic, kind, confident and sweet.
He holds my hand and walks me to work. 
He has a smile as he introduces me to his friends and co-workers. 
That smile melts me. 
I've never been so happy to wake up at 6:53am when I could have easily slept in until 8:30am.


To sum up this post.
There's this guy and he's got me hooked.