Elder Harrison Nickell

Elder Harrison Nickell

Is going to serve the people of Taichung, Taiwan

For two years he will dedicate his life to the Lord

He is extremely loved and will be missed by all. But we know he is doing exactly what he should be. The lives he touches in Taiwan will never be the same. Thank you Elder Harrison Nickell for giving us 19 years and 11 days of your bright fun personality and bringing the spirit into our lives. We'll see you in two years.

Return With Honor


Dear Future Husband ...

Dear Future Husband,

Thank you for respecting me.

Thank you for respecting my opinion and views; and not trying to change them or force me into other ways of thinking.

Thank you for respecting me enough to not push me to do anything I'm not comfortable of doing.

Thank you for respecting the fact that I'm a daughter of God and not trying to violate that.

Thank you for respecting my family and loving them and all their quirkiness.

Thank you for respecting others and not put them down.

Thank you for teaching me about respect and helping me do better in that area of my life.

Thank you for respecting my major and career choices.

Thank you for respecting my wedding ideas.

I'm incredibly lucky to have such a great man who will soon be apart of my life.

Your someday future wife Hailey


Highlight of my best friend

ATTENTION blog readers!!! Yesterday while I was laying in bed at 1:15am just thinking I realized that I truly have the greatest friends in the world. They let me call at midnight to get advice, tell me I'm being ridiculous (when I am), hug me when I'm sad and end up getting pulled over with me. For all that I've decided these next few weeks everyday on my blog I'll be doing a highlight of the amazing people in my life. Be looking out for your post!

The first person I want to highlight is this girl:

Kailee Thompson Webster
Kailee's been my best friend for as long as I can remember. We went to Vegas together in 8th grade and burned down a hotel (basically). We've had countless sleepovers, late nights, sneaking out of my house at night and ditching class. She's short and blonde but don't let that fool you. She graduated from UVU in Exercise Science completely DEBT FREE. But sorry guys she is married and expecting her first baby Webster sometime in April. 

Qualities I admire in her: 
  • She knows how to empathize with you in any situation. 
  • Extremely intelligent
  • Strong willed
  • She gets crazy if you hype her up on enough energy drinks
  • Amazing chef!!!
  • A rock in the gospel
  • Fantastic wife but even better best friend
  • Patient
  • Understanding
  • She gives great real world advice
  • She'll curl your hair when you just can't do it
  • Rocks out to Taking Back Sunday
  • Comes off as a sweet girl ... but sometimes secretly licks you
Some of the most recent amazing Kailee love to me include these texts: 
"Boys are bomb remember? At least until you find the right one."
"Friends are better, boys come in second."
"You'll find a boy I promise, sometimes you have to go through some dumb ones to find the good ones and it stinks but I'll be here for you until you do. :)"
"I love you lots and I'll take care of you until I can find a guy that can do it almost as good as me."

I love you Kailee! Thanks for always having my back and being the best friend a girl could as for.


Cutest way to be asked on a date?

I really needed a win today ... which I got. 
This is how a very creative ME asked me on a date:

Definite props!


Little mistakes we make

Sometimes the tiniest mistakes are the ones that shatter our worlds ... or perhaps the world of someone else.

Mistake - you don't click that tiny red circle on your screen to leave a site you have to clear in your history later.

Mistake - you wait a little longer to study for a test that's very important and your eyes swell up when you look at the computer screen seeing you got a 42%.

Mistake - you eat that little piece of cake and ice cream daily, stepping on the scale you see your number has risen.

Mistake - you tell a small lie that you already have plans that night then have to tell a small lie again when you run into them at the restaurant.

Mistake - just a tiny smoke and now you have cancer.

Mistake - you kissed that person a little bit too intensely for a little too long.

Mistake - you use those small profane words and now they occupy your mind and come out naturally.

Mistake - you didn't have a small minute to read your scriptures yesterday as you feel empty and realize yesterday amounts to a few months.

Mistake - you waited a little too long to tell that person you care about how you wanted to be with them and your heart aches as you hear them talk about their new significant other.

Mistake - just a small shot of booze as you pass out.

Mistake - speeding just a little ... now you're in black with people mourning.

Mistake - cheating on just one question, one interview, one procedure, one life.

Mistake - you only skipped a small dinner everyday after skipping lunch and breakfast, now you're too frail to move.

Mistake - missing your child's one game, but they're at college and you've still never seen them play.

Don't let the small mistakes amount to huge regrets. 


Weekend in pictures

It was amazing
Turned 23.
Played with friends and family.
Discovered lots of new music.
Found new respect for myself.
Ran into a brazilian Elder from my mission who I love.
Went to Iggy's and saw the last minutes of BYU winning. 
Went to a corn maze and got oooooh so lost.
Went to conference and sat 20 feet from Thomas S. Monson.
Found out the UVU library is a really pretty building.

Corn maze buddy Andrew (he's a Mechanical Engineer)


Elder Villela!!! (or now Yuri) One of my FAVORITE Brasilian Elders from my mission. I'm so happy we ran into each other!!!

Friend Chet showed me this awesome song that I've had on replay all weekend long: Forever