How-To Chocolate Malk

Here's a how-to on chocolate malk at 1 am.
Disclaimer: The 2 first videos repeat a little bit.



Progress of my summer goals

I was thinking about my summer goal list last night and thought I would evaluate how I'm doing, where I can improve and what I've completed!!!

Summer 2011 Goals
  • Win a goldfish at OremSummerFest (June 10-11) COMPLETED 6/10/11
  • Eat funnel cake in the Provo Freedom Days (July 1-4) It's coming up this weekend ...
  • Kiss while fireworks are going (this one may be a tough one because I don't kiss random boys ... I may end up kissing Lili) Yeah ... coming up this weekend as well ... :-$
  • Play with sparklers Soon ... very soon
  • Hit up 7 Peaks and see how long I can float in the lazy river COMPLETED 6/24/11
  • Finish the Book of Mormon in Portugues It's actually coming along well, I'm half-way through
  • Learn how to dance Well ... yeah ... I need to finish this before I get surgery.
  • Bake through a Hershey's cookbook Today will be mint brownies. ^___^
  • Go camping hmmmm not exactly but kind of ...
  • Longboard to the cemetery and visit Elise's grave I will do that early next week ... or tomorrow.
  • Re-learn "What I've Got" on the guitar it's getting there, you still can't tell what song it is though.
  • Slow dance in the rain everything's better in the rain ... I have yet to complete this goal ... but today it IS raining ...
  • Take Lili running I did this last night ... but I feel like I need to really take her for a good solid run.
  • Learn how to blog (eh? eh?) COMPLETED 5/30/11
  • Keep an updated blog all summer long currently achieving.
  • Go biking in the canyon shoot, I need to get on this one before surgery as well.
  • Have a movie marathon (maybe a whole weekend without leaving the couch, only for food and the bathroom) I can do this after surgery ... puuuuuuurfect.
  • Re-organize my room COMPLETED 6/11/11
  • Find new music I ♥ I feel like this is an on-going thing because everyday I find new music I ♥
  • Learn photography better mmmm ... anyone want to help me?
  • Learn Photoshop better see above !!! ^_____^
  • Go to a DJ Matt Hoffman dance party I hope this will be possibly before surgery or else I'll just look super lame standing there all night like a gimp. :(
  • Master the turntable on my iPhone oooh I am getting good, I just need someone to judge me on my crazy skills.
  • Beat one of Harry's high scores on his iPhone wow this is a lot harder than I thought.
  • Visit the beach possibly a family vacation or road trip to Cali?
  • See Dredg in either Boise, or West Hollywood yes I will see them 7/30/11 in Vegas, I just need a companion.
  • See HP #7 Part 1 still haven't seen it.
  • Go to Harry's graduation COMPLETED 6/8/11
  • Bowl 3 strikes in a row haha went bowling and didn't do so well ... will re-attempt this one.
  • Stay up all night (until 6 am) doing .... anything COMPLETED 6/4/11
  • Get into a HUGE waterfight not yet ... but I'm planning it ...
  • Buy a new pair of TOMS COMPLETED 6/10/11
  • Give my Homecoming talk will occur 7/10/11 ^____^
  • Go to an amusement park outside of Utah still not sure how this one will be completed ... but I'm in it to win it!
  • Read The Illustrated Man I still can't find it at the library. :(
  • Roast marshmallows COMPLETED 6/3/11
  • Get ice cream from an ice cream truck ok I haven't seen or heard an ice cream truck since I set this goal!
  • Write a short story COMPLETED 6/15/11
So it looks like I'm doing OK but I need some work. Any help is always welcome ... plzzzthnxxxpeaceluvbyeee.



Last night I was supposed to go on a midnight ice cream run with Harry.
I got caught up in the movie Red at friend Allen B.'s house.
So this morning at 9 am (after going to bed around 3 am) Harry comes into my room and sweetly whispers, "Can we go get ice cream now?"
How could I say no? I got up and off we went in search of the Magnum ice cream bars.

Side note: When I was in Australia I fell in love with Magnum bars. We ate them everyday and when I came back home I was so sad the USA didn't have them. Then I went to Brasil and lo' and behold they were there again! Then I return home and I started seeing Magnum commercials ... here in the USA!

Back to the adventure.
We go to our #1 grocery store: Harmons, this is what we saw...
All the boxes were gone!!!
We then drove to store #2: Smiths, here is what we got: 
 I thought, "oh yeah this is good." But Harry said, "No Hailey we need the Carmel Magnum's." Smith's only offered us the plain vanilla and dark chocolate. So we continued onward in search of Carmel Magnum bars.
We drove to store #3: WinCo. To our dismay they didn't even carry Magnum ... but we DID get 24 Arizona Watermelon's for a very low price. $ I don't think Harry and I have ever been so happy.
 Continuning to store #4: WalMart. We got there and found the only boxes of Magnum they had were Almond. But ... they did have single servings of Carmel Magnum bars!!! We loaded up, self checked out, and went on our way home.

Just some P.S. pictures 
Harry and I at 2 am waiting for some punks to egg our house.

 Harry spoke at stake conference ... this was the back of his talk.

I have the best little brother, what can I say?


7 Peaks Summer Goal = COMPLETED

Summer Goal: Go to 7 Peaks and see how long I can float in the lazy river.
How it happened: Thursday I went to 7 Peaks solo and got my lazy on.
How long was the lazy ride? I only lasted 45 minutes because I didn't have anyone to talk to on my single inner tube.
Lots of people? Tons!
Goal completed and counted as a success? Completed yes, but success not really.

But wait! Friday Kailee decided to go for round 2 with me.

How it happened: Friday, went with best friend Kailee T. 
How long was the lazy ride? Oh we got our lazy on for about 3 hours. It was a lot better having someone to talk to in our double inner tube!
Lots of people? Actually this time no.
Other comments: We switched from the lazy river to the wave pool a few times. I realized how horrible I am at putting on sunscreen. We ended our 7 Peaks day with going on the new racing body slide. 
Goal completed and counted as a success? It was already completed but now I count it as a success!

A little nervous about being solo.

All the pretty people there.

My objective: Lazy River

Feeling a little let down that I only lasted 45 minutes.

Amazing sky I was looking up at.

Peace out 7 Peaks!


Sooooo NOT smooth

I had the awesome privilege to go to the dentist today and let him drill away at my pearly whites. Since it was going to be quite the dental work the nurse let me watch Hitch on the flat screen TV mounted to the ceiling. Laughing gas on my nose, Novocain working at my gums, it was the best time I've watched Hitch.

I laughed many times between drooling all over myself and trying not to gag on the insane amount of gauze being stuck down my throat. I also learned many things about myself ... one of those being the fact that I am sooooo NOT smooth when it comes to guys.

Shocking I know, but very very true. When it comes to hooking my friends up and dishing out love counseling for them ... I am in the zone! But then when it comes to my own personal "love" life ... I fall hard. 

I get all nervous and indecisive. I either don't know what to say or I say too much, oh sooooo much! I don't really think before I speak; I would self-diagnose that I have word vomit. Maybe I ask too many questions to get to know the other person. Maybe I try to read into their lives too soon. 

But my greatest flaw when it comes to dating? 
I put 100% into it. It's true. I'm not one of those girls who just likes to ride the ride. If and when I'm interested and so is he, I will give it my all. I will go the extra 10,000 miles to make sure it's the best relationship and see that he's happy. If that means making his favorite dinner, driving to California to see his band play, or just hanging out on the couch all weekend with his favorite snacks. I'm in it to win it. The same goes for my friendships. I put my all into helping other people feel good. I suppose that's why I've been burned a few times ... but that doesn't stop me from smiling and keep on running with it. 

As Alex Hitchens said, " Life is not the amount of breaths you take, it's the moments that take your breath away." That's what I try to achieve, and if "he" even just wants to see what could come of "us" I put forth my best ... why? Because I'm a Nickell and we do NOTHING less.  

So with all my dating faux pas' I try to think like Alex Hitchens, "Basic principles... there are none." And go with it. 

P.S. One of my favorite drinks Arizona Watermelon Juice is only 68 cents at WinCo! Love my 


Temple Square Solo

Last night I went to dinner with a friend, Adam E, in the ever classy Salt Lake City.

He had night classes so I dropped him off at his apartment to find myself with 2 and a half hours to burn before I needed to pick my dad up from the airport.

My first instinct, "go shopping at the Gateway." But while I was driving I kept noticing the Temple Square signs. I took the next left, parked in the back of the conference center and went on my way.

I had time to think about a lot and it was nice to walk around alone and notice little details.
P.S. Listen to this talk: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dGVgLyqeGPQ I love it.


Random-est weekend adventures

My weekend was crazzzzzzzzzzzzzy random ... but it was also crazzzzzzzzzzzzzy fun.
Here are the pictures with some explanation.

Harry said that this hand dryer has been out since FOREVER, but this was the first I've ever seen and it blew my mind ... and hands ... heh.

 I did some soul searching in the canyon.

 I went to a slightly strange wedding ... met Andy T ... danced like crazy.

 Harry and I went to Chick-Fil-A and they had the coolest ketchup packets I've ever seen in my life.

 Mom, Harry, Amy and I went to Strawberry Days and ate a whole bunch of "deep fried" foods ... yummers!

 Went to Salt Lake temple with Chris. But before our session we crashed a wedding. That picture of us is at the wedding reception ... 9th floor of the Joseph Smith Memorial building ... we were Mr. and Mrs. Smithe. 

 We went exploring on every floor ... we were the only ones on every floor ... Chris left this nice post-it on someone's desk when there wasn't any candy in the candy jar. 

Highly successful weekend.

Thanks to:
Alex C.
Andy T. 
Chris S.
Amy T.
Harry N.
Samila N.


Prince Charming

This past week I've had more than a few friends and acquaintances ask me what my plan was at this moment in my life.
I responded nonchalantly, "start BYU in the fall, go to grad school, work ... oh and if I meet Prince Charming on the way that's cool."
New friend Andy asked, "And what is Prince Charming like?"
My first response ... classic, "Tall, dark and handsome."

Then I got thinking ... and thinking ... and this is the kind of love I want:

The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return.