Day 30 - LAST DAY!!!

Day 30 - A picture of yourself today and 5 good things that have happened to you since starting this challenge.

This is me at work today. I was helping the nerdy ME's with their capstone projects. Yessssss.

5 good things that have happened this month eh?
There's been a lot of good things that have happened actually, but I'll try and pull out my top 5.

  1. I was able to play with handsome BF more because he's on a break at Roadhouse. :)))))
  2. I went to Vegas and saw my ladies win the WCC tournament.
  3. Celebrated Pi Day and got to eat a large variety of pies.
  4. I got an 85% on my Music test, which is good considering classical isn't my thing.
  5. Tomorrow I'm going to SLC with handsome BF to watch conference with him.
And now my friends my 30 day blog challenge is OVER. It was interesting to say the least ...
Next blog update will be April 3. 
Until then.



Day 29 - In this past month, what have you learned?

Day 29 - In this past month, what have you learned?

Haha that I hate blog challenges ...
This past month I've learned ...

... classical music isn't that bad ...
... anytime I hear this song: Best Love Song my heart drops because I miss Harry (he wanted it for his GF during the summer) ...
... I don't cry as much as I used to ...
... if you want to lose weight you can't skip meals, doesn't work ...
... life is all about your connections ...
... how my cheekbones standout on my face ...
... what's said in the parking lot, stays in the parking lot ...
... you never know how much you really have an impact on people, until out of the blue they call you ...
... sometimes growing up is fun ....
... but sometimes not ...
... med school is stressful, not just for the applicant ...
... I like hip-hop more than I thought ...
... self control is a life long quest ...
... whatever your mindset is will either make or break you ...
... I'm not that good at interviews ...
... *blanket statement* football players aren't very intelligent ...
... I need to dance more ...
... don't lose checks from BYU ...
... keep whipped cream faaaaaar from C.S. if he's in a mood ...
... my mom's the bomb.com ...
... I still use cool phrases like bomb.com ...
... be patient ...
... but don't wait forever ...
... my teeth whitening gel set at 15% is waaaaaaaay too much ...
... happiness is 90% determined by how you respond to certain things ...
... but if you find yourself still unhappy something's up ...
... going to a missionary's homecoming of whom you used to date, when you're engaged to another guy, then staying for lunch is weeeeeeeeeeird ...
... a good support system is everything ...
... I can look hot even with a ponytail ...

what will I learn next month?!


Day 28 - What stresses you out?

Day 28 - What stresses you out?

I really try to stay calm and approach each situation according to it's different consequences. However, there are a few things that inevitably stress me out:

  • Group Projects. Seriously people?! I always end up doing everything.
  • Finals.
  • When I work really hard and things don't work out the way I would like them to.
  • Being late to important events.
  • Sometimes when I think about "becoming an adult" it stresses me out.
That's about it. I really try to live with the mentality that "any 60 seconds of unhappiness/stress/anger is one minute of happiness you can never get back." Just try to keep calm and go with the flow.


Day 27 - A picture of you last year and how you've changed

Day 27 - A picture of you last year and how you've changed

This is a picture of me on the mish with Lucas. He is now currently serving a mission in Manaus, Brazil.

How have I changed in the last year?
  • Well I'd like to think I've gotten my sense of style back.
  • I'm more confident of myself.
  • I'm more aware of the consequences of my actions.
  • I've learned to accept the will of God and just go with the plan He places before me.
  • I've changed my attitude ... a lot.
  • I like to think I'm a bit more mature ... just a little.
  • I've learned how to be brave even if I'm scared to death.
  • I think that I have changed, for the better


Day 26 - Free advice you'd give to the opposite gender

Day 26 - Free advice you'd give to the opposite gender

Oooooooh booooooooooooooy!

Guys do you see that title? Free advice. And since I'm a relationship expert *eye roll* you'll want this advice.

Free Advice:
* If you can tell she's put a lot of effort into the way she looks that day, COMPLEMENT HER!!! If you don't she'll assume you don't care and the next day she'll show up without makeup.

* On that note - if she does show up without makeup let her know she's still beautiful. (I feel like I can't stress this enough!)

* Most girls (myself included) enjoy doing little sweet things for you. Ex: leaving post it notes through the house, sending a sweet text just because, giving you kisses in public. We're not trying to smother you, it's a way we show our love and appreciation.

* We really do like just hanging out, eating pizza and watching an entire season of *insert tv show here*.

* We cry over silly things that shouldn't matter. The best thing you can do in that situation? Hold us, and in the words of Mat Kearney say, "you're OK, you're with me."

* A nice text, or email from you can go a loooooooooooooong way.

* Don't check out other girls around us. You'd think this would be obvious ...

* A hug & a kiss every time we come and go.

* Those jeans you're still wearing on your butt? Pull.them.up.

* We think you look sexy when you're sweaty after a good workout.

* We'll defend you in any situation. It's not that you can't defend yourself, we just want others to know our dedication to you.

* To put us at ease when it comes to "serious talks" approach it in a comedic manner and we'll respond likewise.

* Surprise flowers are always welcome.

* Don't tell us we're crazy, we already know we are.

* Know we love you.


25 - Ten ways to win your heart

25 - Ten ways to win your heart

  1. Have two first names like Chad Spencer
  2. Give me kisses on the forehead
  3. Tell me how much I'm loved
  4. Take me to Coldstone and let me get Birthday Cake Remix
  5. Play with my hair
  6. Shoot me a sexy smile in public
  7. Remind me I'm beautiful
  8. In the words of Rihanna, "make me feel like I'm the only girl in the world"
  9. Whisper sweet nothings in another language
  10. Orrrrr ... be these puppies:

Day 24 - Something you’ve learned.

Day 24 - Something you’ve learned

Well in my solid 23 years of life I've learned a lot.

I've learned that you should give your all in a relationship. Even if it doesn't work out you know you did your best. And if it does then magic happens ...

I've learned that eating right before bed will make your tummy ache in the morning ...

I've learned that if you only pray half-willing, God will only answer half-willling ...

I've learned that diet and exercise really are the keys to a healthy body ...

I've learned that the best makeup is a smile ...

... and that anyone who thinks you're not pretty with just that smile isn't worth your time ...

I've learned to live in the moment, and appreciate every small thing ...

I've learned that if you need to cry, then just cry ...

I've learned that if you're feeling down service makes you feel better ...

I've learned that ice cream and kisses make everything alright ...

I've learned to be open ...

I've learned that it's OK to miss somebody after being away 5 minutes or 5 months ...

I've learned that life is to be enjoyed and sometimes we make mistakes but that's the fun of it all ...


Day 23 - Your favorite movie & TV shows

Day 23 - Your favorite movie & TV shows

Favorite Movie of all time:

If you have never seen Fight Club do yourself a favor and see it. You won't regret it.

Currently Top 3 TV shows:


Day 22 - Dear Future Husband

Day 22 - Dear Future Husband

So the Day 22 blog challenge was stupid and I decided to take this day to post a Dear Future Husband.

Dear Future Husband,

OhMyGosh - sometimes I am crazy.

Sometimes I over analyze absolutely everything.Crazy.

Sometimes you'll say "what would you like to do tonight?" and in my mind it translates into, "I think you're boring and I'm challenging you to be creative, spontaneous and fun." Crazy.

Sometimes there will be a pretty girl who walks by, or talks to you then my jealously rages in my heart. Then insecurity kicks in and I think of a million ways I can look better for you, be smarter for you, and make sure that you don't remember that girl who walked by. Crazy.

Sometimes all I want for dinner is ice cream, Tim Tams and chocolate covered açaí berries. Crazy.

Sometimes I'll get super, uber hypersensitive and take anything and everything you say as hurtful for no reason. Crazy.

Sometimes I'll be happy one minute then burst into tears the next telling you why my life is falling apart. Crazy.

But Future Hubby - you know this.
You've been with me at my craziest, and still love me for it.
You've probably been accused of various things that make no sense, but just nod and hold me.

I am crazy love, crazy for you.

Thank you for accepting my crazy, and loving me ever still.
That's why you're THE BEST.
And why we're together.
And why we're committing to the Big M.

Your crazy future wife.


Day 21 - Something you’re proud of

Day 21 - Something you’re proud of


Day 20- What does your future hold/where would you like to be?

Day 20- What does your future hold/where would you like to be?

Oh man. This is a highly difficult thing for me to answer.
Not necessarily because I'm afraid of the future ... but because I want so much and there's a lot of unknown.
But let me try and tell you what I would like my future to be like.


  • I would like to graduate Dec 2012 or April 2013, it depends on my internship ...
  • ... internship. I would like a paid one for this fall that will really help me develop my skills.
  • Keep up my 3.7 GPA (yes please).
  • Graduate with a job offer.
  • Continue writing Harry and I hope be a source of inspiration for him.
  • Develop a better bond with my mother and appreciate her more.
  • Continue on the fun and exciting path with handsome BF.
  • Learn how to be a better everything - daughter, friend, sister, girlfriend, counselor.
Self Development:
  • Keep at the dang guitar.
  • Get in shape and stay that way.
  • Learn to love my flaws and not self-hate.
  • Develop my mind and this new found passion of *gasp* classical music.
  • Let my prayers be guided by the spirit.
  • Receive & recognize personal revelation more easily.
  • Fulfill my callings.
  • Be an example to those who know me.
My future is bright,
and no one can stop me
from becoming everything I
want, can and should be.


Day 19 - Your nicknames and why

Day 19 - Your nicknames and why

1st - Haze. I have been called Haze for as long as I can remember. By everyone. Family, ward members, friends, even a few teachers. You know you're tight with me if you call me Haze or some variation like: Hazely, or Hay.

2nd - Hansel. FHE brothers. End.

3rd - Legs. Anyone remember Jr. High? Oh yes, I do. That is when I was stick skinny, we played softball and could wear my short shorts all summer long. Thus giving me the nickname Legs.

4th - Beauty. My mom calls me this.

5th- Sunshine Princess. My dad.

The End.


Day 18 - Something you miss.

Day 18 - Something you miss.

At the moment I miss three things:

  1. My little brother. But I'm proud of his diligent service in Taiwan.
  2. My left knee. I was putting dishes away down low and it hurt soooooooo badly to get back up. Dear screws please stop hurting me. :(
  3. The summer. I love boarding, I do. But at this point I want snow in the mountains, and 70 degree weather in the valley to wear skirts, sandals and sunscreen.



Day 17- Things that make you scared.

Day 17- Things that make you scared.

In no particular order:

  • Dolls
  • The dark
  • Failure
  • Marrying the wrong person
  • Un-fulfilled goals
  • Chronic illness
  • Selling myself short


Day 15 - Death row meal.

Day 15 - Death row meal.

 Happy Sumo Playboy Roll 

Chili's Chips and queso

 Arizona Watermelon

Main Course:
 5 Guys Cheeseburger with EVERYTHING on it
Texas Roadhouse Fall off the bone ribs

Ruby River Garlic Mashed potatoes 
 Guru's Sweet Potatoes Fries

Coldstone Birthday Cake Remix

Death Row here I come!


Day 13 & 14 -Day 13 & 14 - A date you would love to go on & a picture of your family.

Day 13 & 14 - A date you would love to go on & a picture of your family.

I'm sorry I didn't post a new one yesterday. I was crazy busy all day and didn't get the chance. So here's a double today!

A date you would love to go on:
First - it would be with absolutely drop dead gorgeously handsome boyfriend.
Second - he would show up to my house with that smile of his and take me to some secluded spot up the canyon with a fire pit. (It would be warm as well, not freeze your face off cold)
Third - he would bring out a blanket and a picnic he prepared. We would eat, laugh and talk as the sun melted into the sky.
Fourth - he would start up a roaring fire where we'd roast marshmallows, then afterwards we'd lay down hand in hand and star gaze.
Fifth - he'd tell me a bunch of mushy love stuff and kiss me.
Sixth - we'd just lay there and enjoy it until it got late and then before we left we would light a sky lantern (it's kind of our thing) and make wishes as he held me tightly in his arms.
Seventh - we'd drive back to his apartment and cuddle until we fell asleep on his couch.

The end.
But quite honestly any date with him is perfect.

My family


Day 12 - Three letters you wrote but never sent

Day 12 - Three letters you wrote but never sent

You celebrate all the most obscure holidays.
I celebrate the big 6.
But I want to thank you for brining me into that element of yours.
Thank you for showing me the beauty and fun in celebrating the small ones too.

I'm used to being absolutely adored ... maybe even worshipped.
So anything I said or did went.
I've never had someone brave enough to push back.
Thank you for being patient with me.
And teaching me how to "fight fair".
I've never fought, so I don't know how.
Thank you for being forgiving and letting go.

Even though I've got my girls.
And the one good guy friend.
My little brother.
And my parents.
You're still my best friend.
And I think I'm just realizing that.


Day 11- a person you would love to meet

Day 11- a person you would love to meet

Dante Alighieri

Next to Shakespeare he is one of the best writers of all time.

Day 10 - your last kiss

Day 10 - your last kiss

I'm not entirely sure what this means ...
Am I supposed to tell you about it?
Share a picture?
Write a haiku?

Well either was it was with smoldering boyfriend ...
... about 5 hours ago ...
... we just had a terrific night together and I was leaving to hang out with my girls ...
... he opened the door gave me a kiss ....
... and said, "I love you" ...

that was my last kiss.


Day 9 - A quote you love.

Day 9 - A quote you love.


Day 8 - Short term goals for this month and why

Day 8 - Short term goals for this month and why

Goal 1: Secure an internship for sp/su
Por qué? I need the experience to a) beef up my resume, b) earn some extra $$$, c) challenge myself.

Goal 2: Hit my fitness goal.
Por qué? Trying to get back to "pre-mish" body by the summer

Goal 3: Go to the temple and receive personal revelation
Por qué? I have some things weighing on my mind that I need help with. They're not bad, I just need some direction as to what my next step should be and where I should be heading.

Goal 4: Grow closer to "strikingly handsome" BF
Por qué? He's amazing and deserves to be my closest ally.

Goal 5: Shred up the mountain at least 3 more x's.
Por qué? I can never get enough of that cold air pounding my face as I sweep down the snow.

BONUS: funny vid of Harry ...


Day 7 - A picture of someone/something that has the biggest impact on you

Yes I already did post something today. But as handsome BF pointed out - I'm one day behind. Lucky you all get a DOUBLE post today!

Day 7 - A picture of someone/something that has the biggest impact on you

This is a picture from my high school graduation.
That little blonde hair, blue eye'd boy is Elder Harrison Nickell.
He's my #1 fan and has had the biggest impact on me.
He's seen me in my darkest moments and helped pulled me through.
He's gone through more than anyone knows and always smiles.
He's the one person I could turn to at 3 am to go get a frosty and talk.
He made me laugh on a daily basis.
I miss that little man more than I let on.

Taiwan is lucky. 2011-2013

Day 6 - how you're feeling in a creative way

Day 6 - how you're feeling in a creative way

It's not you, it's me.
Really it is.

I can't help that I hold my breath when you touch me for the first time that day.

I can't help that I'd sell my soul to the devil if it'd make you smile.

I can't help that my bed is lonely and it's hard to sleep without you.

I can't help that sometimes I'm insecure and get jealous - even though I'm yours.

I can't help that even with my mind flooded I can't open my mouth.

I can't help that I look forward to seeing you all day - even if it's only for two minutes.

I can't help that I blush when you kiss me because you're still the most handsome man I've ever seen - let alone been with.

I can't help that when people ask about you I rant and brag for a minimum of 15 minutes - without pausing.

I can't help that in my crystal ball of the future all that's there is your name.

Maybe it is you, and not me.
Really it is.

P.S. this is my newest guilty pleasure - these are so good they should be illegal.


Day 05- A picture of somewhere you’ve been to

Day 05- A picture of somewhere you’ve been to



Day 4

Day 04- Something that you are looking forward to. 

Well with the WCC tournament ending, and midterms in full bloom I am looking forward to:
 1) coming home to Chad
 2) SUMMER !!!

I miss Chad. End of story.
I love snowboarding, I do. But with all this beautiful weather in Vegas I'm really needing summer.

Sorry this post is so lame. I'm mentally drained from all this basketball reporting. 


Day 3 -Fantasy Wedding (like fantasy football ...)

Day 3- "for the ladies! blog challenge! just like fantasy football blog about your fantasy wedding"
Basically it's everything on my Pinterest organized and explained.

First he'll propose and I'll do this:

Fantasy Ring:
My heart still loves this one.

Orrrrrr a big fat diamond on a thin band, with a larger wedding band:

Fantasy Dress: 

Fantasy "his" attire:

Gray suit with a yellow tie. Gorgeous.

Fantasy bouquet:

I loooooove the idea of a brooch bouquet. 

Fantasy cake:

The "unfrosted" wedding cake is so classy, I love it.

Fantasy invites:

Something classy with our picture inside.

Fantasy shoes:

As much as I love my heels, I feel like flats are the only way to go seeing how I'll be standing and walking around all day.

Fantasy Guestbook:

Mad libs for fun that guests can do during the reception, and a book with questions that the guests can sign with their answers.

Fantasy Reception:

Vintage soda, dessert and candy bars.

Fantasy husband:

The one who always makes me smile.
The one who makes me laugh and tells me I'm beautiful.
The one who loves me and all my quirks.
The one who hold me when I cry, and shares in my victories.
The one who's proud to show me off to the world.
The one who will love me forever no matter what.