My better half ...

  1. Secretly an Iron Chef
  2. Likes working with his hands
  3. Prefers to listen to classical music
  1. Embraces her Native American heritage through turquoise jewelry
  2. Vividly remembers her dreams every night ....
  3. Spends her free time baking
(Hailey) I picked him out on my mom's class roll because he was smoldering.
(Chad) She thought my EMS radio was hot.
(Hailey) I interviewed him for a class.
(Chad) She wondered why I didn't eat my bagel.
(Hailey) He texted me for a few months before he asked me out.
(Chad) I was using the "Rock Star" effect on her.
We drove the Alpine Loop.
(Hailey) He told me he was a trouble maker!
(Chad) She didn't believe me.
We had a first kiss that you only see in movies.
And we've been happily together since.

He decided to give me his last name.
And now we're going to be married.

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