Ladies and Gents.
It's JULY 1st!!! 
Where is this summer going?
It's sad that I'm spending most of it working & in class, because I'd rather be swimming, hiking, rafting, biking, climbing, running and living.

In T-Minus 11 weeks I get to call this handsome man:

My hubby.

We will go here:

And Chad will be so excited he does this:

And I'm sure I'll shed of few of these (out of happiness):

We'll live in a quaint little home where I can do this:



And this:

Someday have a couple of these:

After a highly successful career of this for Chad:

We'll grow old together but still do this:

And this:

And especially this:

Can you see why I'm so excited?
Soon-to-be-Mrs. Spencer

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